How we can help?

If you have ever encountered one of these issues, then you know you are in the right place!

My offline business is strong. I want to be strong in online

We know the importance of online presence, cause we are online for 21 years already. And we know how it should be done. We'll help you expand quickly and seamlessly.

I am not happy how my online business is performing

Dropped-down revenues? Lots of abandoned purchases? Your marketing campaigns are not effective anymore? Low % of returning customers? Aggressive competition?
We have the right tools to analyze, test and find the right solution!

I spend too much on marketing and analytics. I want to cut the costs

Too often businesses have bloated marketing and analytics department, while they can spend just 25% of current budget and have same or better results! Sounds good? Contact us and lets find the solution that will work for you!

I want to establish presence in country X, but don't want spend much

We understand your needs. We have plenty of digital solutions for you to be able to test the selected country's market without hiring the local staff.

These solutions of yours. Do i need to integrate them? Are they easy to use?

Thats where perfect stuff comes in! Some of the solutions are indeed complex, but we can totally handle the machinery and you will be sitting on the top deck and enjoy seeing your business moving forward. Contact us and we will find out what will be best working for you.

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We started when there were no
Facebook, Google or iPhone


Average revenue growth of our clients in 2017


Services partners globally

Our advantages

Tools and services that work

Out of 780+ available digital tools we choose only what you really need

Global presence

We have customers all over the world from EU, US, APAC

Individual approach

We treat each business case individually

We use Data, not Assumptions

For every solution proposed, we have solid data to back it up

It's all about your success

We treat our client's goals - revenue, retention rate, returning customers and many more as a top priority

SME's are welcome!

We can start with as low budget as €5000 or $7500

Some of our business cases


ASEAN startup had deep roots in traditional offline fashion-related shops and wanted make a transition to digital, due to lowering margins in offline.

We helped them define digital goals, launch a website, mobile app, digital marketing campaign and establish a proper digital communication with their clients.

Sento Industrial Machinery

company had a strong offline presence but wanted to keep up with competitors and provide online services to its clients.

We helped them integrate marketing emails analytics, website analytics, online CRM system, VoIP telephony.


This German company wanted to a) properly retarget their customer base and b) increase average online order value.

We completely revamped ordering process, recommended goods system and marketing communication. As a result, 20% of the "lost" customers made a new purchase, abandoned cart issue dropped 30% and average order value upped by 40%!


an International offline Education Center wanted overall EU market evaluation, proper online brand presence and digital communication with client base

We presented a recommended countries list for expansion, made a website, landing pages, social networks integration. We also integrated efficient digital marketing toolset that helped the company save the budget while growing up in revenue.


We operate in EU and Asia

HQ in Vilnius, Lithuania. Asian branch in Singapore


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